January 10, 2022

Wooden Pallets: The Key to a Sustainable Supply Chain

Wooden Pallets play a significant role in global commerce by being an integral part of the supply chain. Whether it is moving raw materials to the manufacturing centers or transporting finished goods to the markets, pallets are indispensable. Even though wooden and plastic pallets are used in the global supply chain, 90% are wooden pallets. Wooden Pallets are also very easy to recycle. 

There are multiple reasons why pallet logistics profoundly impact the continuously moving global supply chain. Some of the principal reasons have been discussed in the article. 

What Are Wooden Pallets?

The wooden pallets are constructed of either hardwood or softwood. The most widely used species of softwood used for making wooden pallets is pine, while the hardwood species most commonly used is oak. Wooden pallets are light in weight and well suited for storage and transportation. 

Apart from standard wooden pallets, engineered wooden pallets differ from conventional wooden pallets in many features.

  • Plywood pallets are made of plywood. Plywood is a stack of wood veneers glued together. Such pallets are more resistant to infestation by bugs than standard wooden pallets.

  • Presswood pallets are made of high-temperature treated and processed wood fibers fused into a single wood unit. Such pallets are easy to load and transport due to their lightweight. 

There are wood pallet alternatives as well, which are used in the global supply chain. These include plastic pallets and metal pallets.

What Are The Advantages Of Wooden Pallets?

The wooden industry pallets support heavy loads without breaking, making them suitable for transporting heavy and bulky products. The wooden pallets also provide a good grip on forklifts and other lifting equipment used by the shipping industry. Loading and unloading times are also less because wooden pallets are lightweight.

The wooden warehouse pallets reduce warehousing costs because they occupy lesser warehouse spaces than individual products, thereby reducing the costs of storage. Efficient loading and unloading lessen the labor costs. Another advantage of wooden pallets is that they can be resold and reused.

Examples Of Wooden Pallets 

The wooden pallets manufacturers make many kinds of wooden pallets which differ in design. Some have been listed here.

  • Two-way entry pallets have openings on two sides to fit the forklift 
  • Four-way pallets have doors on all the four sides 
  • Open deck pallets have gaps between the sideboards which make them more light in weight 
  • Solid block pallets are made of a continuous solid block of wood without gaps


The global supply chain is a complex system that relies on many different parts moving in tandem. One of the most important pieces is pallet logistics, which conveys goods from their point of origin to distribution centers and ultimately to consumers. This blog post has explored how wooden pallets are indispensable for this process; they make up 90% of all world trade! However, there are other types of pallets as well - plastic or metal ones can also be used depending on what you need them for.

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