May 2, 2022

What are Different Types of Pallet Jacks?

Pallet jacks are pallet trucks, pump trucks, or pallet pumps. This mechanical tool is used for lifting and moving pallets. These tools are specially used in the warehouses to carry goods and materials from one section to another. It plays a significant role in the commercial warehouse industry. Different types of pallet jacks are used in the industrial sector. The manual and powered pallet jacks are used to load and unload trucks.

These are specifically made for industrial warehouses where the transportation of goods is frequent. The demand for this tool in industrial business is higher, and the verticals are highly demanding. Therefore, the global pallet truck market rate has crossed US$ 57 Billion at a growth rate of 6.9 %. This market-rate proves its massive demand in commercial sectors. 

What Are Pallet Jacks?

A pallet jack is an essential mechanical tool for transporting goods. These are the most basic form of forklifts intended for the movement of pallets within the warehouse. There are various types of pallet jacks available as per the requirement, such as manual pallet jack, electric walkie pallet jacks, rider pallet jack, center rider, weighing scale pallet jack, and all-terrain pallet jack, and others.

Why Are Pallet Jacks Important?

Pallet trucks are jacks and lift trucks and machine tools used in the stockrooms, warehouses, manufacturing plants, factories, retail stores, and other areas where wooden pallets are used. It is essential for lifting and moving an object on a pallet. It is material handling equipment that is highly utilized regularly in every industrial vertical. Among the different types, manual pallet jacks have been available since 1918.

Tips To Know About Usage Of Different Types Of Pallet Jacks 

Manual Pallet Jacks

These pallet jacks are the most simple and affordable ones. It is lightweight and small in size. The manual jack's loading capacity is up to 5500 lbs. It is associated with a hydraulic pump. It is operated by positioning two forks under the pallet, and then it is raised off the floor through the jack. The manual pallet jack is then steered with the handle to move the goods to the desired destination. 

Electric Walkie Behind

The electric pallet jack is more significant than the manual pallet jack. It consists of an onboard battery pack or industrial battery. The advantage of using this pallet jack is easy to use. The operator has to press the button to lift and lower the loads. The electric pallet jacks are used for loading in industries such as general warehouses, beverage, freezer, food storage, and retail.

Rider Pallet Jack

A rider pallet jack has an additional platform for riding. It is similar to an electric walkie jack because an onboard industrial battery also powers it. The operator steps onto the riding platform to operate it. Rider pallet jacks are best used for extended distances and large warehouses and manufacturing sites.

All-Terrain Pallet Jacks

The all-terrain pallet jacks have a loading capacity of about 2500 lbs. Its robust tubular frame design handles distributed load uniformly. It consists of large wheels, which allow for movement over most surfaces. It has an up, down, or neutral position. This jack is mainly used in construction sites, gravel pits, and nurseries.


The various types of pallet jacks have different specialized features. These are utilized in industrial operational departments and manufacturing sites. The classes are segmented and used as per the industrial requirements.

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