February 2, 2022

Top 7 Challenges 3PLs Face When Using Cold-Storage

If you're like most business owners, then you know that finding cost-effective storage solutions is a top priority. When it comes to cold storage, 3PLs face a number of unique challenges that can impact the bottom line. In this blog post, we'll take a look at the top seven challenges 3PLs face when using cold-storage. By understanding these challenges, you can make more informed decisions about your storage needs.

1. Human Errors

Logistics management for the cold chain is not the same as logistics management for the rest of the year. It necessitates highly qualified personnel who are familiar with all processes and systems. Furthermore, the specialists should have practical knowledge of various cold storage and transport equipment. Inefficiencies and lack of maturity, like poor handling, incorrect methods, and insufficient documentation, can exacerbate problems and increase the price of cold chain logistics.

2. Cooler/Freezer Doors That Have Been Compromised

Damaged cooler and refrigerator doors are among the most prevalent issues that cold storage facilities encounter. Defective freezer doors have the immediate effect of being unable to maintain the prescribed temperature. It's a massive thing because that's what it's for.

Some freezer door designs proactively resist loading machinery harm. Opt for freezer doors with a strong seal that can be slammed back into place if a forklift strikes them. Damage to these cold storage industrial doors can immediately damage food if not treated. Still, it can also rise to other typical difficulties in the cold chain that can impact safety regulations, customer safety, company partnerships, and your result.

3. Extreme Exposure To Heat

This issue might arise during the loading/unloading of the temperature-controlled product process. Heat exposure over an extended period might cause the items to deteriorate. Maintaining the temperatures during both of these periods necessitates a significant lot of care.

4. Consolidation Of The Industry

In this new business landscape, businesses on both sides confront unique hurdles. Smaller companies that have recently been bought encounter management changes that can negatively impact employee morale. It can be tough to combine two independent and unique corporate cultures, and everyone goes through a challenging transition phase. Furthermore, the newly acquired firm may need to integrate or change their present logistics systems, many of which were established with significant effort to be compatible with their new operations.

5. Damaged Goods

Poor cargo placement or failure to keep the trailer at the appropriate temperature might compromise shipments and reduce profits. As a result, it is critical to keep it up to date, either via the use of technology companies or by hiring specialist personnel to do so.

6. Costlier

Cold chain logistics administration, as previously said, is not ordinary management. To have the correct equipment and crew, one must spend a lot of money. Additionally, employing a third-party logistics service, for this reason, is costly. For organizations that deal with cold storage items, this is among the most significant problems ahead.

7. Multiple Standards And Regulations

Accountability is among the essential cold storage warehousing standards that 3PLs must follow. Customers are seeking more excellent quality standards as government rules become more stringent. Particular food safety-related handling procedures, including rigorous inspection and strict temperature sensors, are required by regulations at all stages. 

Traceability gives authorities and consumers the power to verify that product handling is done appropriately and that waste and pollution are kept to a minimum. Thanks to transparency, consumers and regulators can see every stage of the supply chain, which holds 3PLs and warehouses to a rigorous degree of responsibility.


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