October 27, 2022

Horizontal Carousel for Warehouses

In the operational warehousing process, businesses use many essential machinery and systems for a smooth and seamless function. With the help of automated systems, warehousing activities became more flexible, convenient, and efficient. The horizontal carousel is such a computerized system that drives the operational process. The automated storage and retrieval process consists of a series of bins supported by an oval track.

This system is also known as goods-to-person material handling automated system compared to a vertical storage carousel. It assists in the complete activities of the warehouse system. The system is quite efficient in preparing the order for shipment. This automated system has various benefits. But, the operators must learn how to use this system efficiently for proper functioning. With appropriate usage, it will be beneficial for the warehouses in numerous ways.

What Is The Horizontal Carousel, And What Are Its Benefits For Warehouses?

A horizontal carousel is an automated carousel storage and retrieval with a series of bins operated by an oval track. It is fitted with shelves for inventory and handles items such as drums, totes, boxes, hanging garments, and more.

The multiple horizontal systems are grouped to form a single workstation. It is incorporated with pick-to-light technologies and batch-pick stations to facilitate an efficient batch-picking system. As per its name, the horizontal carousel moves horizontally, like a merry-go-round spins. It eases the process of warehousing.

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Benefits Of Horizontal Carousel For Warehouses

Increased Productivity

eCommerce businesses always look for higher productivity with a carousel warehouse. The automated horizontal carousel systems have proven productive in supplying items in the warehouse. It can be configured as per the requirements of warehouse operations. The system is also versatile, which further helps in reliable processing.

Easy To Maintain

For massive systems and machines, maintenance is a significant problem. With all-day warehousing activities, businesses only prefer systems that require easy maintenance. It is necessary to make proper decisions while investing in automated systems. Sometimes, bad decisions can lead to significant problems, negatively impacting warehousing activities. The warehouse carousel systems are durable and simple. It is equipped with simple tools. Therefore, it is easier to maintain. No specific training is necessary for its maintenance. With the help of software, it can be treated virtually.

Saves Space

The horizontal carousels save up to 60% of space. Sometimes, you might need to expand the area after implementing the system. It will take a limited part of the warehouses which can be operated and controlled by user-friendly software.

Higher Return On Investment

The carousel system is economical. It is highly efficient and accurate in a distribution center. It is used to assemble specific components. Moreover, it reduces handling and product damage and increases productivity. Warehouses with this tool have reduced downtime. The laborers can have visibility of real-time information. The maintenance cost of the device is also low.  

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How To Determine The Size Of The Carousel Needed For Your Warehouse?

You must consider relevant factors to determine the correct carousel size for your warehouse. Factors such as floor space and ceiling height are significant concerns. You need to consider the floor space to determine the right one for warehouse activities.

How To Install The Carousel In Your Warehouse?

The horizontal carousel storage system installation will take a longer time. Based on the equipment's size and length, it may take a week. The single column can be installed in a few days, but the multi-column needs two weeks based on its height. Sometimes it also takes a few weeks with complexity.

The horizontal carousels, when integrated with other advanced technologies along with the pod workstation, the installation process takes time. You have medium and slow movers in the horizontal carousel for fast-moving inventory. It will increase throughput. It can be incorporated with mobile robots, vertical carousels, lift modules, and other technologies.

How To Use The Carousel For Moving Goods Around Your Warehouse?

The horizontal carousel storage systems can be controlled both manually and by computers. You can use your hand to move the carousel up or down or left or right. The manual control is efficient for lower pick rates and low complexity in warehouse environments.

In massive warehouses, the horizontal carousels are controlled by software. It is combined with warehouse management to be directed by a supervisor and processed using batch or single picking. In high-order areas, computer-controlled carousels are preferred.

Tips On Maintaining And Repairing The Horizontal Carousel

Ensure the system is functioning properly

The horizontal carousel is a versatile storage system used for various applications, from storing inventory to organizing materials in warehouses and manufacturing facilities. To maintain and repair this vital equipment, it is essential to take proactive steps to identify any potential issues early on. 

Check for any signs of wear or damage

 Look for any cracks or dents in the carousel's structure, as these can weaken the system over time and lead to issues with performance. Additionally, keep an eye out for dust or dirt buildup, which can cause excessive friction and wear down the moving parts of the carousel. 


Monitor any irregularities in movement

 If you notice that the horizontal carousel is not moving smoothly, this could signify more serious problems that need to be addressed immediately. You may need to replace parts such as belts or bearings or make other adjustments depending on the nature of the issue. 

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Stay up-to-date on routine maintenance tasks

 In addition to performing regular inspections and troubleshooting efforts, it is essential to stay on top of routine maintenance tasks, such as lubricating moving parts and replacing worn-out components. This will help keep your horizontal carousel in top condition, ensuring it runs smoothly and efficiently for years to come.


Consider factors such as temperature, humidity levels, and dust exposure

To maintain your horizontal carousel effectively, it is essential to consider other factors that may impact its performance and longevity. For example, if you work in a high-temperature environment or are exposed to large amounts of dust, you may need to take additional measures to keep the system running smoothly. 

Overall, by monitoring and maintaining your horizontal carousel proactively, you can ensure that it remains a reliable and efficient tool for years to come.



If you're looking for a way to increase the efficiency and manageability of your warehouse inventory, then consider using carousels. Carousels can help you save time and money while also reducing the amount of space needed to store your list. At Conveyor, we build the tools 3PLs use to compete and win new business. Contact us today to learn more about how our horizontal carousels can help your business!

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