June 28, 2023

Crossbelt Sorters: Unlocking Logistics Efficiency

Crossbelt sorters are revolutionizing the logistics world as we know it. Whether you're a warehouse manager looking for more innovative, more efficient ways to optimize space utilization or an operations director trying to reduce costs and increase profitability, Crossbelt sorters can help. By automatically sorting items along conveyor belts and delivering them directly to storage locations or order fulfillment destinations, these systems save time, free up labor resources, and virtually eliminate potential manual errors. In this blog post, we'll explore how crossbelt sorting technology works its magic in the modern supply chain – unlocking enhanced efficiency without sacrificing the quality of service. We hope that by uncovering what's beneath the surface, you'll be better equipped with knowledge about your automation options when it comes time to upgrade!

What Is A Cross Belt Sorter? 

A crossbelt sorter has a continuous conveyor belt loop under it. The actual carrying surface of the cross belt sorter is a miniature conveyor belt that holds the product to be sorted. The movement of the conveyor belts is automated. It is continuously looped through the conveyor belt until it arrives at the correct location. Then the belt diverts to another takeaway conveyor, which can take it to the picking professionals. In some operations, it is put down a chute to be processed further. 

The name of the cross belt sorter comes from the fact that the miniature conveyor belt in the top portion is at a perpendicular angle organized on the lower sash, which runs continuously. 

Depending on the specific model of the crossbelt sorter used in the industrial setup, the crossbelt sorter can be very high-performance. The crossbelt conveyors have a high throughput and can be used for large-scale industrial setups. Cross belt sorters are specially made to handle cartons to be shipped, polybags and totes, and other materials that might be sent to different areas for customers to receive. 

The linear sorter is often preferred over other sorters because they have higher throughput and are gentle on the sorted packages. The crossbelt sorter is used to protect packages from any damage during sorting. Moreover, the operators can pre-position the packages on the crossbelt sorters. This ability gives a lot of control to the operator in transporting and sorting materials. Therefore, automated crossbelt sorters are used by different industries and are preferred for their performance. 

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Benefits Of Using Crossbelt Sorters In Industries

Let us delve deeper into the benefits of crossbelt conveyors that industrial setups prefer in their usage. 

High-Speed Sortation

in the high-demand environment, when e-commerce companies face a high volume of orders, they need high-speed sortation and pickup for order fulfillment. The high-speed sortation by crossbelt sorters with 25000 units per hour rate is an excellent way to meet this demand. When there is a high demand, the demand has to be fulfilled with intelligent machines like automated sorters that can aid manual workers and reduce their workload. Simultaneously, the crossbelt sorter also increases the pace and efficiency of sorting. 

Scalable Technology 

Crossbelt sorters can be used for mid-scale companies to large-scale companies. According to the demand for products, the sorting speed can be controlled. Therefore, crossbelt sorters are scalable and efficient on any scale. The crossbelt sorter can also be expanded if the number of products to be sorted is large. 

Gentle And Accurate System 

The crossbelt conveyor sorter is accurate and steady in its pace, ensuring that the products and packages are sorted efficiently over long hours of operations. Although the speed of the crossbelt sorter is very high, it is also gentle on the packages, so there are no damaged ones to be discarded. 

Using a crossbelt sorter ensures that every order and product leaving the facility leaves in good condition without any damage to the internal components. The crossbelt sorter can handle a wide range of products on it and is very versatile in its load-bearing capacity and processing. 

Efficient Energy Consumption 

As a business establishment, your company would want to operate in a way that the energy consumption is minimal. The energy consumption should be low so the company saves money and has a sustainable approach to operating machines. The crossbelt sorter is a massive machine with high throughput and efficiency. 

Combining energy efficiency with these characteristics makes the crossbelt sorter an automated favorite among modern manufacturing and warehousing facilities. There is no wastage of money or any downtime in efficiency when a suitable crossbelt sorter is used. 

Excellent Chute Design And Integration 

The chute for sorting products and storing them for pickup is well designed and integrated with the crossbelt sorter system so that the company can streamline the whole process correctly, and there are no delays or damage. The cross belt sorter can process multiple orders because it is integrated with a chute and can quickly divert materials. 

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Which Areas Are Crossbelt Sorters The Most Applied

Crossbelt sorters have many application areas, so it is trendy and in demand in the industrial sector. 

Order Fulfillment

In its automated form, the crossbelt sorter can be used to sort through packages sent out by e-commerce companies before final pickup for order fulfillment. The order fulfillment process is simplified and automated from the warehouse so that multiple orders can be sent out simultaneously and orders are fulfilled faster across different regions. For a large e-commerce warehouse, using an efficient sorting system like the crossbelt sorter is essential. 

Mixed Mail Sorting 

In the post office, when there are a lot of mixed mail envelopes and packages, the high volume load can be sorted out with the help of an efficient sortation system like a crossbelt sorter. The different types of mail envelopes and packages can be easily diverted to separate piles with this sorter. 

There is a huge demand for automated sorting technology because home deliveries of products and manufacturing processes have become more apparent. There is a need to increase the efficiency of all these processes, and a crossbelt sorter can be a perfect choice because it is versatile and automated. 


In conclusion, crossbelt sorters are a perfect solution for those looking to increase warehouse or logistics operations efficiency. These systems can save time and money by automatically sorting items along conveyor belts and delivering them directly to storage locations or order fulfillment destinations. With the ability to reduce errors, free up labor resources, and optimize space utilization, crossbelt sorters provide an array of benefits, from cost savings to increased productivity. As detailed in this blog, it's easy to see why these beautiful machines have become so popular in the supply chain world - revolutionizing how we operate our warehouses and other logistic operations. Crossbelt sorters can be an easy, reliable, and cost-effective for companies upgrading their automated equipment. By investing in a robust system such as this one, you can look forward to better product sorting and drive operational excellence for years!

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