February 24, 2022

6 Main Types of Warehouse Storage Systems

If you're running a business, then you know that you need to use a warehouse to store your inventory. But what type of warehouse storage system should you use? There are six main types: pallet racks, drive-in racks, drive-through racks, gravity flow racks, carton flow racks, and mezzanine systems. Which one is right for your business? Keep reading to find out!

Static Shelving Storage

Shelving storage is one of the most used types of warehouses, and it is what most people think of first when considering storage choices. Shelves can be fixed or moveable. Static shelving remains in one location, usually where it was initially erected. By definition, static shelving creates fixed aisles. Static shelving is typically used with stock which must be manually chosen, arranged, and sorted since it is not suitable with forklifts. Instead, put in a wide-span shelf system for your more excellent inventory, which can handle greater weight and be employed in higher-elevation arrangements.

Pallet Racking System

Pallet racking methods are usually viewed as the highlight of the operation in the fastest and most enormous warehouses. A pallet racking system is generally built of wood, iron, or plastic and is used to store products delivered in huge boxes. The boxes are loaded on the pallet stacking system using a forklift and electronic system depending on their height.

Multi-Tier Racking

Multi-tier racking is a method meant to use vertical space and is ideal for vast stockpiles of commodities with tiny unit sizes. As no warehouses are one size fit, most multi-tier racking choices are adaptable, allowing you to add and remove tiers as needed.

Multi-tier racking is typically used for relatively light products that are manually chosen and sorted. To really get the maximum from this warehouse system, plan each tier carefully and pack products as securely as possible while keeping in mind weight restrictions and compliance criteria for ceiling-to-rack height.

Mobile Shelving

Mobile shelving, like static shelving, is a fully adjustable option for storing your manually selected things; the difference is that most of these methods are designed to accommodate more goods in less area. Mobile shelving consists of shelves or cabinets installed on cart and rail systems, obviating the need for permanent aisles and enhancing efficiency by making inventory accessible, especially in cramped spaces. Level tracks, which can be manual or automated, are used in mobile shelf systems. Some even include locking systems to keep inventory access under control.


A mezzanine is an increased level of inventory storage put into your building. Building a mezzanine may be compared to adding an extra (or third, etc.) level to your warehouse, thus increasing the amount of valuable space available for warehousing and other purposes. Although adding a mezzanine to your business might be costly, it is usually cheaper than pursuing construction and allows you to reclaim underused vertical space within your warehouse.

Wire Partitions

Wire partitions are simply wire bars used to contain merchandise in a business. They are often quick to install (and uninstall), making them an excellent choice when time is short. Wire partitions are frequently used to store huge or oddly shaped goods, such as wheels or balls, due to the structure of these cages. They aren't usually an intelligent choice for extremely delicate products. Wire barriers can also be used to hold objects that require more protection than can be provided by just placing them on a shelf.


So, what type of warehouse storage system should you use for your business? It depends on the products you’re storing, the space you have available, and how quickly you need to access your inventory. But no matter what type of business you have, there is a warehouse storage system that will work for you. At Conveyr, we build the tools 3PLs use to not only compete but to win new business. We can help you find the perfect warehouse storage system for your business and get it set up quickly and efficiently. Contact us today to learn more!

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