April 18, 2022

6 Different Types of Pallet Racks for Warehouse Storage

If you own a warehouse and are very organized in your life, i.e., the kind of person who tries to avoid mess, then the pallet rack is your savior. A pallet rack is a storage system designed to handle materials or store them organized. There are many varieties of pallet racking, but each one has the same use; they allow palletized materials for storage in horizontal rows with multiple layers. Pallet racking has become an essential element of the warehouse, retail shops, manufacturing units, and other distribution units. It helps in increasing the storage density for the goods storage.

Pallet racks keep the product organized and maximize the space in your warehouse. They are made up of vertical steel frames connected with horizontal steel beams. Two shelves and the beams create a bay area where one can add a pallet. The height of your pallet racking frame and the space between the beans will decide the number of pallets and the weight your warehouse racking can hold.

Why Is Pallet Racking Important?

There are several reasons why pallet racking is essential, which explains the effectiveness of the pallet racking system. Space is the most crucial factor to consider if you want your business to expand. Pallet racks increase the space in your warehouse with less expenditure. This system makes sure that many goods can be stored by using less floor space. It can double or triple the warehouse's storage capacity. The pallet racks are arranged based on the height of your warehouse or store. 

Most pallet racks are made of steel, making them very strong and durable. They are enduring and will go on for years with very little maintenance. Pallet storage helps to organize items very neatly. Any working staff in your warehouse can locate and arrange the products without hassle. It helps them save time and increases productivity. Pallet racks can be customized according to the warehouse or store requirements and different pallet racking ideas. 

6 Types Of Pallet Racks For Warehouse

1. Selective racking

Selective racking is the most famous and multipurpose system in the market, and it is mostly what a significant number of people would imagine after hearing about pallet racking. It's a metal shelving designed to fit pallets and is mainly used in warehouse shelving. These systems are straightforward, and it permits the concept of easy racking and removing the pallets with a forklift.

2. Drive-in racking

This got its name as drive-in racking from how a forklift operator uses the shelving, driving into the warehouse racks.

3. Cantilever racking

Cantilever racking is simple and mainly for big or long products, such as timber or pipes, because it's only a ground supporting tiers of arms that project out. 

4. Push back racking

Push back racking is similar to the drive-in, but with a push back system racking, pallets placed at the back of the rack will be pushed forward as pallets in the front are removed.

5. Pallet flow

These racks are not loaded from the front like others; instead, they are loaded from the rear.

6. Double deep

These racks are created by putting one row behind the other. These are less expensive.


So, there you have it! The six most common types of pallet racks. Now that you know what's available, it's time to choose the right one for your business. Keep in mind the size and weight of your products, how often you'll be restocking, and the amount of space you have available. And if you're still not sure which rack is right for you, don't hesitate to get in touch with Conveyr. We can help you find the perfect pallet rack for your warehouse and take care of all the installation and maintenance for you. Thanks for reading!

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