May 17, 2022

5 Must-Haves For Your Warehouse Safety Supplies And Equipment

All warehouses should follow the golden rule of safety first! Whether you have a large or small storage facility, guarding rails assure the most reliable safety and protection systems. Adding safety products to your operations can help you avoid costly downtime, prevent collision damage to your equipment, boost efficiency, and increase production.

High-quality safety tools and rack protection products from good brands are always recommended for your warehouse. All of our warehouse safety and rack protection equipment is developed, tested, and rated to withstand the most demanding warehouse operations.


1. Guard Rails

Safety guard rails lower the danger of accidents and injuries in your warehouse. Guard rails, which have been tested to withstand 10,000 pounds at four mph, are an essential warehouse safety feature in your business. Guard rails segregate warehouse areas and office pathways, protect equipment, racks, merchandise, or in-plant offices, and are powder-coated safety yellow for excellent visibility.

Available in various lengths, these floor wedges are simple to install and provide optimum protection!


2. Forklift Guide Rails

This technology enhances the safety of your operations by keeping vehicles on track in warehouse lanes, allowing for faster speeds, and increasing labor efficiency. Furthermore, employing guide rails avoids accidents, protecting your racks' integrity. Selective and Cantilever Racks operate perfectly with Guide Rail Systems.

Available in two lengths (9.5 and 20 feet) with gussets for added strength, heavy-duty entry guide curves, anchors every 24 inches, and easy assembly and replacement.


3. End-Of-Aisle Protectors

End-of-aisle rack covers protect the bottom of the upright, which is the most vulnerable to damage. This design protects the whole depth of the frame from forklift impact, making it ideal for intersections at the end of each pallet rack aisle, where forklift activity is the most intense. The pallet rack uprights' bottom is protected by the wraparound design.

The steel structure is 5/16′′ thick for extra strength. Right, left, or double-end designs are available. For maximum visibility, the Safety yellow coating is applied.


4. Post Protectors

Anchored post protectors are a low-cost way to safeguard your pallet rack uprights and avoid damage from a vehicle collision. The wraparound design covers the front and sides of your pallet rack columns to minimize costly mishaps. For maximum protection, heavy-duty steel construction is fastened to the floor.


5. Bullnose Rack Protectors

The lowest 4 inches of the pallet rack uprights are where 90% of forklift hits occur. Bullnose rack covers are meant to protect the base of your racks from damage, saving you money in the long run. This device, also known as V-nose protectors, must be secured to the floor to add strength and stability to your racks.

Use safety yellow for maximum visibility or galvanized coating in harsh conditions like coolers, freezers, or outdoors.



Having the proper safety supplies and equipment on hand can help you avoid dangerous situations and keep your employees safe. Here are five must-haves for your warehouse safety supplies and equipment. If you're in need of a little organization assistance, our team at Conveyr is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our warehousing solutions and how we can help get your business back on track. Thanks for reading!

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