March 23, 2022

4 Proven and Tested Rack Relabeling Options

If you have a warehouse, you are sure to have an idea that rack labeling is vital for the proper management of the warehouse. However, it is not a one-time thing. You may have to relabel your racks after some days or months. It can be due to several reasons, such as reconfiguring the set-up of your rack and upgrading your inventory control or warehouse management system. Moreover, if the existing barcodes on the labels are missing or damaged, you may have to relabel your racks again. 

This blog post will discover the best warehouse rack labeling ideas when thinking of relabeling. 

Why is Rack Relabeling Important?

Relabeling racks play an essential role in keeping your warehouse well-organized. It helps in eliminating the chances of potential human errors. It allows your employees to find the right items, quickly saving time. It can help enhance the productivity of your employees and your entire warehouse. 

4 Best Ideas and Options for Rack Relabeling 

Are you wondering how to label warehouse racking? If yes, here are the 4 most effective warehouse labeling ideas you can consider. Let’s take a look!

Magnetic Warehouse Labels

Magnetic warehouse label is one of the best options you can consider while relabeling your warehouse racks. If you regularly reconfigure your inventory or rack locations, this is an ideal option. Magnetic labels do not need any scrapping and are pretty easy to move. Moreover, as they do not leave any adhesive residue, they ensure that your racks look neat and clean. The best thing about magnetic labels is that they can be manufactured in different sizes and colors to suit your purpose. While magnetic labels may cost more, they are designed to last longer. 

Beam Cover-Up Strip

If your current barcode labels are missing or damaged or scrapping the old barcode is a challenging task for you, availing of a cover-up strip is the best option. The cover-up strips are designed to easily be applied to the existing barcode labels and warehouse beams. This can save you from investing time in scrapping or cleaning the old labels. Moreover, you can also easily remove the cover-up strips to accommodate frequent changes in information or product inventory.

Laminated Barcode Labels

If you are looking for warehouse rack labels with extreme durability, these laminated barcode labels are ideal. Using these labels will ensure that they do not get easily damaged when exposed to cleaning solutions, sunlight, or chemicals. These labels will last longer, thereby eliminating the need for relabeling racks frequently.

Removable Warehouse Labels

A removable warehouse label is the best option to consider when the existing beams are in good condition. Relabeling your racks becomes simple and easy with these labels. They are easy to install and can provide you with location flexibility. The removable warehouse labels are manufactured with advanced adhesives. They can tightly be placed in the desired place. However, they do not leave any adhesive residue behind when you want to remove them.


So, if you’re feeling cramped for space and need to find a way to free up some room for new inventory, one of these rack relabeling options may be perfect for your business. Ready to get started? Conveyr has the tools you need to make this process easy and efficient. We build the tools 3PLs use to not only compete but to win new business. Contact us today learn more about how we can help!

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