January 19, 2022

3PLs Should Be Investing In Wine & Spirits Logistics. Here's Why

When it comes to wine and spirits, 3pls should be investing in logistics. Here's why: with the right systems in place, 3pls can streamline shipping and ensure that customers receive their products quickly and efficiently. Plus, there's a growing demand for wine and spirits logistics services, so it's a smart move for businesses to get on board. Ready to learn more? Keep reading!

Larger Wineries Depend On Third-Party Logistics To A Greater Extent

More extensive wine and spirits warehouses are increasingly turning to third-party logistics providers for storage and transport. The answer is quite simple: wineries and spirits manufacturers excel at production rather than liquor logistics or wine warehousing. 3PLs specialize in offering these services to manufacturers have a significant potential to meet this market need for wine and spirits logistics. These wine warehouses can develop enormously due to following the double-digit revenue growth curve.

Costs Of Shipping Are Increasing Because Of The Alcohol Laws

Wine and spirits distributors experience more challenging labeling and shipping expenses as a result of government laws, in addition to simplifying supply chains by eliminating intermediaries. For consumer protection, government organizations such as the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) require warehouses that handle and distribute alcoholic drinks to mark each glass with the alcohol % content. Furthermore, when a product is delivered to a consumer's house, a grownup must sign and authorize it in person.

Carriers frequently have to make repeated delivery attempts to guarantee that an adult is present to finish the delivery. As a result, carrier shipping rates skyrocket, making it tough to precisely forecast delivery costs. Those facilities that can assist in lowering transportation costs have a distinct edge when it comes to earning the business of a wine or spirits distributor.

Direct-To-Consumer (D2C) Is Becoming More Popular. Eliminating The Intermediaries

There has already been a shift from conventional 3-tier distribution to direct-to-consumer (D2C) distribution as wine and alcohol logistics sales development continues. A three-tier structure of producers, distributors, and retailers is the usual channel mixture for wineries and distilleries. While increased wine and alcohol accessibility and utilization to customers benefit this multichannel mix, the downside is that every level of the supply chain demands some profit.

The profit margin for wine and spirits manufacturers can quickly shrink due to numerous layers of intermediaries receiving a percentage of earnings. Manufacturers have begun to transition away from conventional 3-tier distribution systems and toward direct-to-consumer fulfillment to maintain their profitability. Effective D2C fulfillment operations involve third-party warehouses with eCommerce wine fulfillment knowledge and the capacity to process large quantities of online purchases rapidly.


Why Should Your 3pl Make Wine & Spirits Logistics A Priority?

There has never been a better opportunity for a 3PL to expand their company and join the wine and spirits logistics market to capitalize on the substantial growth potential. By cutting carrier costs through rate shopping, facilitating governmental regulatory compliance by recording various item characteristics, and expanding processes with high volume processing, warehouse automation software can help a 3PL prosper in this sector.


If you want to take your wine or spirit business to the next level, we’ve got a few tips. From managing backorders and minimizing missed shipments, to reducing shipping costs and keeping customers happy – logistics can be crucial for success. But if you don't have the time or expertise in-house, that's okay! That's where our team of experts comes in. We offer 3PL solutions that will help manage all areas of your company - from figuring out where products come from to getting them shipped with ease.

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